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For more than 20 years, when homeowners have needed a professional tree service in Northern NJ they have turned to Trusted Tree Services in Wayne NJ. Our team offers a broad range of tree care services in Passaic County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Morris County NJ, Essex County NJ and surrounding communities.



Sometimes trees are damaged, diseased, or dying, and trimming and pruning won’t solve the problem. Sometimes trees need to be removed.

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As a tree service contractor, we appreciate the fact that trees improve the appearance and value of area homes, businesses, and public spaces

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If you have ever attempted to prune a tree or shrub, you most likely discovered that the task is not as simply as you anticipated.

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Many people use the terms “tree trimming” and “tree pruning” as if they mean the same thing, but, in reality, they are two different services.

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As tree stumps decay, they often become infected with diseases that can spread to other trees or plants in your yard.

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If you have ever tried to burn green firewood or softwoods like pine your fireplace, you already know that green firewood and softwoods are difficult to light.

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Tree Service In Wanaque NJ: Tree Removal

Locating a contractor that you are able to depend on is absolutely essential if you’re in need of tree removal in Wanaque NJ. Trusted Tree Services is the tree service company that local residents in the North NJ region have been counting on for more than a generation. Our substantial expertise and wide selection of types of tree service we provide mean there is no one else you require to call. When it comes to your property, it’s important to safeguard the investment you’ve made. Making the best choice possible is the best way of doing so. Not only do we come highly recommended in the local area, but you are able to additionally call us for a free consultation. Do you care about the long term wellness of your trees? For tree service in Wanaque NJ or the rest of the local region, get in touch with us now.

Tree Service Wanaque NJ

When you’re searching for a tree removal contractor in Wanaque NJ that is going to provide the best possible care for your trees, Trusted Tree Services is the one to depend on. More than just pruning and clipping is needed for quality tree service. If you work with true tree service experts, you get more than just the standard level of tree maintenance or care. We’ll have the ability to help you assess whether any of the trees on your property need to be removed, in addition to determining the type of cutting or trimming which is going to be best for your specific trees. Rather than simply trimming or removing trees, Trusted Tree Services is your resource for everything that has to do with great tree care.

Tree Removal Wanaque NJ

If you’re planting new trees or you have just moved into a new house, Trusted Tree Services is the perfect tree service in Wanaque NJ to help you establish a good tree care and maintenance routine. If the proper care is to be taken of your trees, it is vital to know how much space they require, which type of fertilizer should be employed, and how often they need to be watered. We’re able to get you started with the right type of fertilizer and watering schedule, or you can have us come back and handle the tree maintenance for you.

Tree Service Contractor Wanaque NJ

It’s definitely a smart idea to get in touch with in the pros if you’re in need of tree removal in Wanaque NJ from an experienced tree service. Particularly when you’re dealing with a medium to large-sized tree, the removal procedure is capable of being complex and potentially dangerous. It’s always important to be certain the job is performed safely, as well as completely and correctly the first time around. This is why Trusted Tree Services is the ideal alternative for your requirements. When it comes to tree removal we have the newest equipment and use the safest methods. This way we can make sure that no damage is done to the surrounding property, including other trees. One reason a tree removal is occasionally needed is because it becomes infected with an illness that is capable of spreading. Are you uncertain if a tree has to be removed? Our specialists can help you figure out what the best course of action is going to be. It is essential to deal with an infected tree as soon as possible so that it doesn’t affect the other trees in your yard, but additionally so that it doesn’t die and become a danger. During a storm or strong wind, a tree that’s lifeless is potentially quite dangerous. Many individuals are worried about having to invest a great deal of money for a professional tree removal. Trusted Tree Services is proud to provide an affordable cost for tree removal in Wanaque NJ.

Tree Removal Company Wanaque NJ

In addition to our safe and efficient tree removal in Wanaque NJ, Trusted Tree Services also provides tree cutting. Many individuals have trees whose limbs and branches are hanging perilously over walkways or homes in a manner that’s unsafe, while the tree itself does not need to be removed. We’re able to help you reduce such safety risks. When they hang over your home or the sidewalk, big tree limbs should be eliminated. That is especially true if they’re becoming weighed down in the winter by snow, or moving a lot in the wind. If you want the most professional tree service for tree cutting or removal, make certain to get in touch with Trusted Tree Services.

Tree Service Company Wanaque NJ

In addition to maintaining your trees on an ongoing basis with essential tree services, should the need arise we also perform tree removal in Wanaque NJ. While ongoing tree maintenance is able to address a broad range of issues, at times tree removal is going to unfortunately be required. This is something homeowners frequently need after a large storm. However, trees simply will unavoidably age and as this happens, your property, family and even your neighbors’ property can face significant safety issues. Instead of worrying, just call Trusted Tree Services for a tree removal from a professional. Many people think they can attempt this themselves, not understanding how dangerous and complicated of a process it really is. Considerable knowledge concerning tree structure and experience with the procedure is needed. Getting in touch with simply anyone when it comes to tree removal in Wanaque NJ isn’t in your best interest. Know that you and your property are in safe hands by getting in touch with Trusted Tree Services now.

Tree Removal Contractor Wanaque NJ

Tree pruning is one of many kinds tasks we’re capable of performing when you need a tree service in Wanaque NJ we are capable of providing. It’s absolutely essential when it comes to on-going tree service since it will improve your trees’ health and your landscape’s beauty at the exact same time. Cutting off parts of the tree that are dead or merely to enhance its shape is vital to helping it grow, withstand brutal winters and simply achieve the maximum aesthetic appeal. When a professional tree service company cuts off the dead parts of the tree, as a result of its shape it will become stronger. This seems to many homeowners to be a task that you can do on your own, but it’s not as easy as it appears, and calling a professional like Trusted Tree Services is going to ensure that it is done effectively and with the best health of your tree in mind. Do you need tree pruning or any other form of tree service in Wanaque NJ? All you’ve got to do is get in touch with us right away at Trusted Tree Services.

Tree Removal Service Wanaque NJ

Trusted Tree Services is the top choice of homeowners needing tree service or tree removal in Wanaque NJ for a lot of reasons. Whatever your needs are in terms of tree service, we are here to get the job done. Call us today for an expert to arrive at your property and supply a totally free estimate.


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