A Variety of Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Delivered in Northern New Jersey

For more than two decades, when homeowners and retailers need high quality season firewood in Northern NJ, they turn to Trusted Tree Service in Passaic County NJ. Our tree service company delivers your choice of high quality seasoned firewood in Essex County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Morris County NJ, and Passaic County NJ and nearby areas.

trustedtreeservicesfirewoodIf you have ever tried to burn green firewood or softwoods like pine your fireplace, you already know that green firewood and softwoods are difficult to light, do not create very much heat, and tend to make sooty smoke that leaves an unpleasant odor. When you purchase firewood from our tree removal company in Passaic County NJ, Trusted Tree Service, you can do so with the confidence we only sell and deliver hardwood firewood that we have open air seasoned for a minimum of six months. Our seasoned firewood is free of loose bark, mold, and insects so it burns cleanly and efficiently and produces a fragrant aroma along with the maximum heat output possible.

Find out more about the advantages of buying seasoned firewood from a highly reputable tree removal company serving Essex County NJ and surrounding areas, call Trusted Tree Service at (973) 506-6400 today!

Order Your Choice of Seasoned Hardwood Firewood for Delivery Today

As the local experts in professional tree services serving Bergen County and other areas in Northern NJ, our team knows that certain hardwoods are suited for different purposes. To ensure homeowners and retailers order the best seasoned firewood for their needs, we have provided this chart of the different seasoned hardwood firewood we carry along with suitable uses.

Type of Hardwood Firewood

Best Uses








Heating and Cooking


Cooking and Heating



When you order seasoned hardwood firewood for delivery in Essex County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Morris County NJ, Bergen County NJ, or other nearby communities, select the amount of split firewood you want from the below options:


Size of Log


Length Width Height
Full Cord Varies 8 feet 4 feet 4 feet
Half Cord Varies 4 feet 4 feet 4 feet
Half Face Cords Varies 4 feet 4 feet 16 inches
Whole Logs Split yourself to size Yields six to seven cords

We also deliver 20 pound bags of fragrant hardwood kindling that makes starting your fire a breeze. For your convenience, we also sell storage racks for your firewood. When we deliver your firewood, for a nominal surcharge, our team can stack it for you.

We calculate the fees for our seasoned hardwood firewood based upon the amount you order and the distance from our firewood center located 64 Airport Road, West Milford, NJ.

To learn more about our firewood deliver and tree services in Bergen County NJ, Passaic County NJ, Essex County NJ, and Morris County NJ, call Trusted Tree Service at (973) 506-6400 today!