Affordable Professional Stump Grinding and Tree Services in Northern NJ

For more than two decades, when homeowners need a professional tree service contractor in Northern NJ, they turn to Trusted Tree Service in Passaic County NJ. Our team provides tree cutting, stump grinding, and other tree care services in Essex County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Morris County NJ, and Passaic County NJ and nearby areas.

stumpgrindingWhile many homeowners think that leaving tree stumps when tree cutting can save them money, the reality is that they are setting themselves up for avoidable tree removal costs. As tree stumps decay, they often become infected with diseases that can spread to other trees or plants in your yard. In addition, tree stumps attract termites and other wood eating insects, which puts any tree, plants, or wood structure at risk of infestation. Another benefit of stump grinding is that it eliminates the risk of someone tripping and falling over the piece of the trunk left after tree cutting work. Furthermore, the stump grinding products sold at home improvement stores often rely on toxic chemicals that pose a risk to your children and pets. By hiring a professional tree removal company in Passaic NJ like Trusted Tree Service, you can improve the curbside appeal of your yard and protect your friends, family, and property from the dangers posed by tree stumps

If you need stump grinding or tree cutting in Bergen County NJ or surrounding communities, call (973) 506-6400 to schedule a complementary tree inspection, tree service recommendations, and the estimated tree removal costs, with the experts at Trusted Tree Service.

The Benefits of Professional Stump Grinding

In addition, to avoid the pitfalls of leaving stumps in your yard, hiring a licensed and insured tree service contractor in Passaic County NJ like Trusted Tree Service also has several benefits. For example, our tree service company uses only the latest stump grinding equipment, which allows our team to work efficiently and safely. Additionally, the tree service specialists who work for our tree removal company take annual training seminar addressing the industries best practices for safety. We do not consider a stump grinding job done until we have removed all the debris created during the stump removal process.

Some of the other advantages of arranging stump grinding with a locally owned tree service company include the following:

  • Since our team grinds stumps 8 to 12 inches below the ground surface level, we open space where the tree stump was in your yard so you can plant grass, shrubs, a flower garden, or even another tree to add beauty to your landscape.
  • By grinding a stump instead of trying to dig it out of the ground, you avoid having holes in your yard that pose another set of safety risks.
  • In many cases, you can use the mulch created during the stump grinding process in your flowerbeds to retain moisture and prevent weeds.

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