Our Professional Tree Pruning Services Keep Trees Healthy and Attractive

For more than a generation, when homeowners have needed a professional tree service in Passaic County NJ have relied on Trusted Tree Services. Our team provides a variety of tree care services for local home and business owners.


If you have ever attempted to prune a tree or shrub, you most likely discovered that the task is not as simply as you anticipated. Effective tree pruning involves three separate cutting techniques used for different purposes, such as removing limbs or reducing their lengths. Additionally, the trees in your yard likely have different pruning needs and schedules. Unfortunately, as a highly regarded, local professional tree service company in Passaic County NJ, our team at Trusted Tree Service has seen many situations where homeowners pruned their trees incorrectly, resulting in preventable tree cutting and tree removal costs. When you contact a tree service contractor like Trusted Tree Service for tree pruning services in Morris County, NJ, we thoroughly assess the trees on your property to develop a customized tree pruning plan and schedule to keep your trees healthy and attractive.

If you need pruning or other tree services in Passaic County NJ or surrounding communities, call (973) 506-6400 to schedule a free onsite tree service consultation with the pros at Trusted Tree Service.

How Trusted Tree Services Determines Your Tree Pruning and other Tree Service Needs

When you contact Trusted Tree Service for tree pruning or tree cutting in Passaic County NJ or nearby communities, a professional tree expert from our licensed and insured tree service will come to your home to assess the trees on your property.

When inspecting your trees to develop a customized tree service plan that includes pruning, our tree experts takes into account the following:

  • The type of trees on your property
  • The age of the trees
  • The soil conditions and microclimate of the location where the tree is growing
  • The predisposition of the trees to decay

Once our tree service specialist completes the evaluation, he will provide you a written report that includes a tree pruning schedule, a listing of the other tree services recommended, and an accurate estimate of the trees service cost.

Call Trusted Tree Service at today (973) 506-6400 to arrange for a free inspection, plan, and estimate for expert tree services in Passaic County NJ and surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning

Some of the reasons you should not ignore or delay arranging for a tree service contractor like Trusted Tree Service to prune your trees include:

  • Regular pruning strengthens the overall structure of your tree, increasing its resilience during wind and ice storms
  • Routine pruning helps keep the crown of your trees healthy
  • Professional pruned trees live longer than trees that are not

To learn more about tree service in Passaic County NJ and other areas in Northern NJ, call our team at Trusted Tree Service today!