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For more than 20 years, when homeowners have needed a professional tree service in Northern NJ they have turned to Trusted Tree Services in Wayne NJ. Our team offers a broad range of tree care services in Passaic County NJ, Bergen County NJ, Morris County NJ, Essex County NJ and surrounding communities.



Sometimes trees are damaged, diseased, or dying, and trimming and pruning won’t solve the problem. Sometimes trees need to be removed.

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As a tree service contractor, we appreciate the fact that trees improve the appearance and value of area homes, businesses, and public spaces

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If you have ever attempted to prune a tree or shrub, you most likely discovered that the task is not as simply as you anticipated.

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Many people use the terms “tree trimming” and “tree pruning” as if they mean the same thing, but, in reality, they are two different services.

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As tree stumps decay, they often become infected with diseases that can spread to other trees or plants in your yard.

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If you have ever tried to burn green firewood or softwoods like pine your fireplace, you already know that green firewood and softwoods are difficult to light.

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Tree Removal Contractor In Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

If you are searching for a full service tree removal service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ for tree cutting or removal, give us a call at Trusted Tree Services. When they are experiencing issues with their trees or merely are in need of routine maintenance, a lot of homeowners merely don’t know where to turn. Trusted Tree Services has a long history of supplying the local community with top quality services and comes highly recommended from other local residents, meaning you can ensure you’ll receive the service you deserve. We have a great reputation for providing efficient tree removal in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ at affordable rates, in addition to being licensed and insured to perform work on all commercial and residential properties. Our motivation for supplying a a cost effective tree removal cost is simply the fact that we belive homeowners should have the ability to care for their property without breaking the bank. The secret to maintaining a property which is safe and clean is regular tree trimming. Tree removal is regrettably something which is needed in circumstances where trees are threatening personal injury or property damage. You can be sure that your trees and shrubbery are in great hands thanks to the significant experience of our staff.

Tree Removal Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

The preventative services we’re capable of offering as a top choice for a tree service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ are absolutely essential. Although your trees contribute considerable attractiveness to your property, they can quickly turn into a nightmare when they don’t get the proper care. Don’t ever underestimate how dangerous trees can become when they’re not maintained by a professional. You never want to risk this kind of situation and put you or your family in danger. The potential property damage can also be be important. This is before you even take into account the fact that you are able to be liable to damage to your neighbors’ property. It is a much better idea to be prepared for such an eventuality by hiring tree service contractor in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ in an ongoing maintenance capacity. This way you can sleep peacefully knowing that your trees are being cared for the the way they deserve.

Tree Service Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

Professional service from a tree removal service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ is additionally important to consider for many other reasons. Property value is quite contingent on curb appeal. Property value in the area can be rather substantial, making protecting your investment a high priority. Ensure that your trees receive the appropriate care and always look their best and you’re going to additionally be increasing your curb appeal, and consequently your property value. Tree service is now not just a wise idea but one that’s affordable due to the fact that we provide a highly reasonable price for services like tree cutting and tree removal. For improved curb appeal and property value, get in touch with Trusted Tree Service the next time you’re searching for a tree removal contractor in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ.

Tree Service Company Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

The fact that we offer a broad range of kinds of tree service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ means that if you need someone to look after your trees’ health and well being we’re the only name you need to remember. This will make caring for your property much easier knowing that we can fulfill all your needs. We don’t merely provide services for on-going tree care, but can perform complete tree removal. This is an involved process which should only be performed when absolutely necessary. Regrettably, there are situations where selective pruning and trimming are going to be unable to save your tre, and a complete tree removal is going to be the only choice. The substantial amount experience our specialists possess is vital when it comes to determining if a tree is able to be saved or if it needs to be removed. It could be totally disastrous to hire a company for tree removal that lacks this expertise, as an increase in the danger of damage or personal injury will be the result. This is why whatever your tree service requirements are it pays to employ a professional tree service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ with a stellar reputation like Trusted Tree Services.

Tree Service Contractor Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

As a leading company for tree removal in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ we’ve grown to be a local leader in recycling the excess limbs which we trim off of your trees and transforming them into the perfect firewood for cooking, heating, or smoking. So that you’ll have the ability to decide on the perfect burn for you, we provide a wide range of logs. Hickory, Apple, Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Birch wood all have their own particular characteristics which differ from heating, cooking, and smoke grilling. Because of the care we put into splitting and seasoning them, all these burn smoothly and long. They’re available for delivery to you at no added price. This approach we take to recycling is another one of the reasons we stand out from other contractors providing tree removal in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ.

Tree Removal Contractor Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

We’ve got an abundance of lovely trees in the Garden State of NJ surrounding our houses and businesses. The picturesque environment they create is one of the things which makes our state great. However, if they become overgrown, they could be extremely hazardous. Tree service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ is particularly significant due to the brutal winters we go through. Sizeable amounts of snowfall mean that over-extended tree limbs are weighed down, potentially causing them to break and fall. Critical if not fatal injuries to your friends and family, or employees and company clients can result. Attempting to trim the trees on your own may result in disastrous results. It’s essential to rely on a company for tree removal in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ with a considerable amount of expertise as tree removal and cutting is such a specialized skill. The wellbeing of the customer is something we care about genuinely at Trusted Tree Services, and that’s the reason we stand apart from other tree service alternatives.

Tree Removal Company Upper Greenwood Lake NJ

One of many factors that helps Trusted Tree Services stand out among other options for a company for tree service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ is the fact that our attention to detail is unparalleled. Your absolute satisfaction with all the work you’ve been supplied with is our number one goal. We always earn the trust of our clients this way. In regards to tree cutting, we are committed to supplying estimates which are accurate, as well as providing guidance for the maintenance and health of your landscape. You’ll be able to rest assured that if you choose on Trusted Tree Services as your tree service in Upper Greenwood Lake NJ you’re going to receive extraordinary results.


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